Does Osteopathy hurt?

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In a nutshell, no!  Osteopathy is completely tailored to the individual so you can have a say in the techniques used and the approach taken. Osteopaths are trained to select the most effective techniques to suit the patient and the condition. While treating you the Osteopath constantly monitors the effects the technique is having on your tissues and subtly modifies the treatment to ensure that it is both effective and comfortable.

During a treatment session you may be aware of sensations such as muscles being stretched or joints being moved, however this should not be unpleasant but may feel unusual.  Sometimes an Osteopath may suggest that it would be beneficial to work more deeply or apply more pressure. Some patients are comfortable being treated more physically and would prefer that the Osteopath just gets on and does what needs doing, other patients may feel vulnerable and scared because their condition has been very painful and they are wary about being treated.  This is not a problem, treatment can be taken more slowly or more subtle techniques used.  Many patients specifically come to the Osteopathic Health Centre as they have heard that we use cranial techniques (please mention this to the receptionist when booking if you would specifically like to be treated using Cranial Osteopathy).

Be reassured that your Osteopath will listen to you and work within a level of comfort that suits you.  At The Osteopathic Health Centre we have several Osteopaths who specialise in different techniques and work in varied ways, so it is easy to find the right Osteopath for you.