Most neck pain is mechanical or musculoskeletal in origin and therefore likely to benefit from an Osteopathic assessment and treatment.

The neck is a complex and vulnerable part of the spine as it has a large range of movement but is relatively unsupported.

The neck carries the weight of the head and it is subjected to huge postural stresses and strains, so not surprisingly many people suffer from neck discomfort as well as headaches.

Causes of Neck pain. 


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How can an Osteopath help with neck pain?

The neck is a delicate and complex area which Osteopaths are trained to assess and treat. The history and detailed physical and postural examination enable the Osteopath to assess whether the symptoms are musculoskeletal in origin and if osteopathy is likely to help.

The osteopathic examination involves assessing posture and determining whether the load placed through the joints in the neck is too great. Osteopaths have a finely developed sense of palpation that enables them to assess the tiny movements within the individual facet joints of the neck. Treatment can involve combining different osteopathic techniques such as soft tissue massage, articulation and gentle re-balancing techniques that decrease the mechanical strain placed on the joints and soft tissues. Advice on posture, exercises and management tips can also help.