Diane Kane

Diane Kane D.O  graduated from the European School of Osteopathy since 1996 and has been working in North Wales. Diane has huge experience in structural, functional and cranial osteopathic techniques which has enabled her to treat a wide range of patients including babies and children. Osteopathy promotes healthy functioning of the whole body by treating muscles, joints and connective tissue. It aims to improve flexibility and balance. This leads to a better blood and nerve supply throughout the body. Diane combines a variety of techniques such as rhythmical joint movement, stretching, cranial osteopathy, soft tissue massage and the 'balancing functional' techniques. These 'functional' techniques are very subtle in approach and are highly effective re-balancing procedures. Diane has found over her years of practice that these techniques can have a profound effect on the body with minimal reaction and discomfort. CLICK HERE if you would like to book online now with Diane.