Laura Sailsbury


Laura first discovered her fascination, with the ‘mind/body’ relationship, whilst studying Philosophy and Psychology at A’ level. She further developed her deep interest by reading Philosophy at the University of Liverpool, gaining a BA Honours Degree in 1997. Laura’s journey then departed from academia and ventured into motherhood. During this time she explored her inclination towards the uses of aromatherapy essential oils and safely used them during her pregnancy, birth and beyond, which has provided her with first-hand experienced of the natural uses and beneficial effects on holistic health and well-being essential oils can have, and has enjoyed using them within her family and raising her four children. Ever keen to learn and share her increasing knowledge and understanding of holistic health, Laura decided to train in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage achieving level 3 VTCT Diploma in 2011, whilst also having gained a PGCE (teaching post-compulsory education) in 2009 at Glyndwr University. After having her fourth child in 2012, Laura chose to expand her passion in Complementary Therapies and trained in Indian Head Massage level 3 VTCT in 2014. Once having got her youngest child happily settled at primary school, Laura decided to refresh, increase and expand her previous Reflexology training and embarked on the prestigious Agored Cymru Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology at the highest level of training available in the U.K. Wanting to specialize in Women’s Health: maternity, fertility and menopause. Using her own experience of pregnancy and labour/birth and raising a family, Laura wanted to share information and support others on their journeys through the many stages of life from puberty through to peri/menopause/post. Laura has also recently trained in both Baby and Toddler Reflexology to both assist her skills and aptitude as a Reflexologist, but also to be able to share these simple and effective techniques with parents and carers in BabyReflex & ToddlerReflex classes. Laura has also recently studied a 2 year Crystal Therapy Diploma and also gained Reiki Level 1 & 2. Laura has discovered that she has a particular affinity with ‘energy’ work, working with Meridians and using advanced ‘linking’ techniques she has learnt and experienced during her continual professional development of increasing knowledge and experience in this wonderful world of Holistic healing and health. Laura loves being outdoors and around Nature. She is a fond gardener and enjoys regular camping and finding new adventures with her family. Laura’s favourite pastime and exercise is dancing and she currently runs online holistic dance fitness classes. She is also the Founder and choreographer for a Chester-based community dance group. Laura is looking forward to opening a Centralia Partner Centre College teaching level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology in North Wales in 2022. Laura’s other area of interest and experience both personally and professionally (choosing to train in 2001 for a Certificate in Counselling) is within the field of mental and emotional health and well-being: in particular stress, anxiety and depression. She is deeply committed to applying her experience, using Reflexology to assist others on their journey of healing. To this end, more recently, Laura has learnt a unique advanced Level 5 Reflexology protocol called NEPIP (Neuro-Endo-Psycho-Immuno-Pody) which specifically focuses on how our body and mind are affected by the ‘stress response’, and how our immune system is compromised from this response and consequentially we are potentially more susceptible to illness and dis-ease.