Denise Blount

Denise’s specialist areas of interest are Cranial Osteopathy, Pre and Post-natal treatment, Western Medical Acupuncture, Visceral Osteopathy and Women’s general health. She is a very experienced Osteopath who is just as comfortable treating an adult or a small baby. Denise trained as an Osteopath with College of Osteopaths in Borehamwood. As an under-graduate she has trained in Cranial Osteopathic Techniques and Visceral Osteopathy (treating the organs). She later pursued further courses as post-graduate. This has equipped her with a wide range of treatments techniques. It also provides her with a unique skill set which enables her to treat babies and children too.

Denise says, “I treat people of all ages, from babies to older people. I use a wide variety of techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and articulations and cranial osteopathy. I regard myself as patient-centric. Every treatment is tailored to the individual patient’s needs. It gives me great satisfaction to help to reduce a patient’s pain and increase their flexibility. The explanation of the diagnosis, treatment plan, preventative advice and rehabilitation is all part of each patient’s care. A passion and skill of mine is in treating pregnant women and those trying to conceive. A goal is to develop good postural habits. This helps support them through pregnancy so they experience minimal amount of pain and discomfort.”

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