Will I feel better straight away?

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In many instances, the answer to this is “Yes!” However, how much better and for how long does vary enormously according to the condition being treated and the longevity of the symptoms.

After a treatment, tense muscles which have been worked on can feel sore (similar to aching muscles after unaccustomed exercise) and if joint inflammation is present treatment can mildly increase the symptoms for a day or two before a marked improvement is noticed. Patients can feel tired after a treatment session as a deep sense of relaxation occurs, a sure sign that the body has responded. Sometimes a patient can feel energised by treatment as they are no longer suffering with tight painful muscles. Several treatments may be needed to achieve a lasting improvement particularly with long standing/chronic conditions or when muscles need to be strengthened with exercise to improve stability.

Osteopathic treatment is aimed at removing obstacles to self healing. By using massage techniques to relax tight muscles, stretching and manipulation to loosen stiff joints and re-balancing techniques to allow the connective tissues of the body to unwind we help to give your body the best chance to get itself better.

When you leave The Osteopathic Health Centre it is important to you allow yourself the space to make use of the treatment. Check with your Osteopath whether it is a good idea to go straight back to work, play that round of golf or do the house work. In most cases it is best to take things easy so that your body can absorb the positive effects of treatment.